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Chauvanist and judgemental
Saturday, 21 January 2012 | 21:44 | 0 Comment ♥

Assalamualaikum. Hye peeps. How yours day? Bored like dead? Yeay! We are in the same shoes. Oh! That what makes me much much much love you guys. Crap talk! Cis! *omk omk omk. Haha. This post is tribute to my friend's post. Yeah! I love love love to copy other's idea. *mcm apa ntah. =,=. Ok! Annoying? Yeah! I memang suka you all cakap i annoying. ah,gedik! Yeah,that the main purpose of this blog, to make you all HATE and LOVE me at the sama time!

Oh geez! Yeah! this is what im going to talk today. CHAUVANIST and JUGDEMENTAL person. Lame issues. Oh! *im very outdated =,=. 

 Cute girl(s) and Nasty boy(s),

Back to our conversation. Ok! This matter is not a thing that we can just spill to the river. Judgemental. Yeah! Everytime we see people,we must give an judge on them *am i right? Yeah! i also doing the same thing. But havent you think? If you had misjudge them, doesnt it same as a FITNAH. Ye! Fitnah. We simply judge them than knowing them. All the judgement is currently fake and false. It mean we had put something that not belong to it. We had done a CRUEL+FITNAH to the person.

What is so fun to be a judgemental? What? What?

Judgemental also can make we doing a first thought of someone. Oh! it not  a good thing at all. It can make other images become sucks like crow. We can easily keep a distance from them and not trying to know the real face of them. Doesnt it so holy crap?

Our judgement is a thing that we cannot trust. As a human, we had a weak-useless judgement and this due to our lust  and enviroment factor. The judgement is not pure anymore. It affected by many thing! Trust me *hoping eyes. 

I got a story of this issues. :)

#I copy it from friend's blog.

Baginda Rasulullah saw telah menceritakan kepada kita sebuah kisah berikut:

"Ketika mana seorang bayi sedang menyusu susu ibunya, tiba-tiba lalu seorang lelaki yang menunggang kenderaan yang mewah dan penampilan yang hebat. Si ibu berdoa "Ya Allah jadikanlah anakku ini seperti lelaki ini." Lalu bayi tersebut meninggalkan puting susu ibunya dan melihat ke arah lelaki tersebut, seraya berkata " Ya Allah jangan jadikan aku sepertinya." Kemudian itu menghadap kembali puting susu ibunnya dan meneruskan menyusu. 

Kemudian lalu sekumpulan manusia yang memukul seorang hamba wanita sambil berkata " Engkau berzina , engkau mencuri." Perempuan itu hanya berkata حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل . Si ibu yang sedang menyusukan anaknya berkata "Ya Allah jangan jadikan anakku seumpamanya." Bayi itu sekali lagi meninggalkan puting susu ibnunya dan melihat ke arah perempuan itu , seraya berkata "Ya Allah jadikanlah aku seumpama perempuan itu."

Kemudian berlaku perbincangan diantara si ibu dan si anak yang masih bayi. Si ibu berkata "Tadi apabila lalu seorang lelaki yang elok penampilannya, aku pun berkata "Jadikan anakku seumpamanya." Engkau pula berkata "Ya Allah jangan jadikan aku seperti lelaki ini." Bila manusia memukul seorang wanita sambil berkata "Engkau berzina , engkau mencuri." Aku pun berdoa " Ya Allah jangan jadikan anakku seumpamanya." Namun engkau berdoa "Ya Allah jadikan aku sepertinya." Kenapa engkau menyalahi doaku?"

Si anak menjawab:

"Sesungguhnya lelaki itu sebenarnya adalah seorang samseng, lalu aku berdoa "Ya Allah jangan jadikan aku sepertinya." Adapun perempuan ini yang dilemparkan kepadanya tuduhan "Engkau berzina, engkau mencuri."Sedangkan dia tidak melakukan semua itu. Oleh itu aku berdoa "Ya Allah jadikan aku sepertinya (bebas dari melakukan maksiat)."

(Hadis riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim - sahih)

Ok! See. How much much much weak is our judgement? Terrible right?

I know it a way to paradise if we want to stop the awesome activities of judging people. Yeah! It really hard. It had been like a habit and tradition to ourselves. But at least we can try it. Ops!  Forget the "try" word. We MUST and HAVE to stop it! Can we? :D

Read my lips! No one had a right to judge other. Yeah! You dont know their true colour. What they had been go through! Their story. Their behaviour. Oh! And one thing! When we judge other, we are define ourself.

 Knowing them is the best way than just simply judge them. :)


P/S: im also a judgemental person. and im in a way to change it. XOXO. :) *if this talk is crap, peh-lis! unfollow me. This is my blog. Lantak i la. Ah,gedik!

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