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Food is Awesome
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 | 10:21 | 5 Comment ♥

Assalamualaikum. Hye peeps. Another bored life routine that you all being through? Yeah! That sound an extra super duper awesome. *bored to death. Oh! Oh! i just notice that it had been 56 day(s) since i been a school leaver. Wow. Many many many day(s) that i had been wasted. Fuh! If i were given choices, i will choose not to be a school leaver. It only makes your life became miserable. Yeah! M.I.S.E.R.A.B.LE.

Im became a lifeless now. OMK! It sucks babe.

My beautiful-cute-innocent face had turn to ugly-fat-old one. It such a nightmare. Omk! Omk! Omk!

A crap talk of  boredom. Enough enough enough. *emo

Ok. Lets start our real issues for this post. Heyh heyh! Yeah! You you you and you. Today i want to share my Passion with you guy(s). Yeah! MY PASSION

For your information, im a deadly FOOD LOVER.

So, in these past few days im thinking, what if i share to you why im deadly in love with food(s). *It sound so cool.

So,as a deadly kind person *perasan i want to share the reason why is i prefer choose food as my lover now. Muah muah muah. Haha. The main reason is: #Let the pictures answer :

Doesnt it look so gorgeous? awesome? delicious? hot? Peh! *lapar lapar lapar

I didnt understand why there must be a person that need to diet? What? Beautiful? Haha. Between BEAUTIFUL and SATISFICATION, which one is worth? which which which one? Seriously, we need to know the meaning of life. :)

Dont they look so so so delicious. By the way, i dont had any solid and logical  reason why i love to eat. I think with those pictures, they had answer the question. :D Food is super duper extra AWESOME! :)

P/S: Mind to treat me? Hoho. XOXO.

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