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Hate the sin not the perpetrator
Monday, 6 February 2012 | 22:18 | 0 Comment ♥

Assalamualaikum. Have a pleasent day today. :) What? You are so in a annoy-sucks-crazy-hate-mood. So? I just dont care of it. *yeah ! Give her a slap. Haha. Well, as an adult, i been trained to be such an heartless cute girl. pffft! *its annoying hasnita :)

Guys. Who are we? Yeah! We just a slave of Allah. *kening kening

So,we doesnt have any right to insult one of Allah's creatures or to hate them. *am i right? wooo :0 


Hate sin (maksiat) not the perpetrator (pelaku). Hate disbelief (kekufuran), but do not insult the unbeliever (si kafir). *ok? get it? ke tak faham. Such a sasterawan. Haha.

Ok! yeah. i understand how the earth you guys thinking. *caring kan? So,to make it as simple as ABC, we draw an analogy with that sin as the stench in person. Stench will not go away if all people is good at abusing other. But what should the best we do is to show to someone who had a bad smell the alternative way to remove himself from the stench.*lagi bagus macam ni kan? did you get my point?

Are you think that you are so great or feeling good? Why do you see yourself better than others? Let us reflect together!  We are not too perfectly perfect? Are we?


Here are some stories : *ok take your time to read this.


Ada seorang abid (ahli ibadah) dari Bani Israil yang hidupnya selama 500 tahun hanya dengan beribadah sahaja. Pada suatu hari, si abid tersebut terlihat seorang fasik dari Bani Israil yang tidak pernah taat langsung kepada Allah. Si abid datang dari satu arah dan si fasik pula datang dari satu arah yang bertentangan. Bahawasanya, si abid tersebut mendapat karamah (kemuliaan) kerana kuatnya ibadah yang dia lakukan. Apabila datang mentari di waktu pagi, datanglah awan menaunginya apabila dia berjalan.

Ketika mana kedua-dua mereka ini bertembung di pertengahan jalan, berpaling muka kedua-dua mereka ke arah  lain. Tetapi atas sebab apa? Ahli ibadah ini berpaling atas sebab keangkuhannya terhadap orang yang bermaksiat itu. Dia menyangka Allah tidak mengampuni si fasik itu selama-lamanya atas maksiat yang dilakukan. Dia merasakan dirinya lebih bagus atas sebab ibadahnya. Dia berpaling dari si fasik  itu kerana takabbur dan berbangga dengan amalan ibadahnya.

Orang yang bermaksiat itu pula berpaling dari ahli ibadah. Tapi atas sebab apa? Kerana dia malu terhadap Allah Ta'ala. Ketika mana dia berpaling dari ahli ibadah itu, dia berkata, " Astaghfirullahalazim.. Siapalah aku ini untuk berjumpa dengan seorang yang baik lagi kuat beribadah sedangkan aku seorang yang fasik." Ketika mereka berpisah, awan yang berada di atas si abid itu terus meninggalkannya dan mengikuti si fasik lalu menaunginya selepas itu. Apakah sebabnya? Kerana si abid memandang si fasik dengan pandangan penghinaan.


What are the crap that im talking about? What was the focus? What was the point? Yeah! It all about the VIEW. Arrogance views of worship(ahli ibadah) to the wicked (si fasik). And the wicked hypocrites because of shame.  The true meaning of worship is worship that will add to our modesty and constantly feel the lack.  

Beware! to the those people who want to go to Allah. Do you see a sinner or immoral acts with a view of the contempt. That is a very dangerous situation. This view is prohibited. It will affect the liver. It is injustice to the liver caused by such a view. Cause the liver to become dark. *im just say. im not such good at all. i know where am i. 

What is the fact of disbelief?

The fact of disbelief is the person who died in unbelief. But as long as he is alive, he can not degraded even if he is rejected. Because you would not know how he would die later. Whether he died in disbelief, or as a Muslim. *im also afraid of it. wheather i died in disbelief or as a muslim. MashaAllah. Or that he died after he really repented and regretted his ignorance before. Although now he is ignorant, it is possible Allah will raise he rank higher than one day. Because the guidance of Allah spacious. He may give guidance to whom He wills beyond expectations.

P/S: Im also want to be a better muslimah. And im a way of it :) InsyaAllah


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